2017 Summer Programs

Explorers 2017
Day Program June 19-23, June 26-30, July 3-7 and July 10-14

Additional dates will be added if needed
For our young explorers we offer a one-week day camp running from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. During the day we will play in the creek catching crayfish and building dams, ramble through the fields in search of berries, and engage in many woodland projects, games and adventures. We strive to kindle a sense of wonder and appreciation for the land and all its inhabitants, including one another.

Ages: 6-9 Cost: $250

Forest Scouts
June 26 to July 1, 2017 Overnight Program
Get to know the forest in a whole new way as we wander the hills and valleys learning how to set up camp and tend to the basics of an overnight foray. Students will become familiar with many skills valuable for camping, hiking and survival, while also enjoying time for swimming, playing and making tools of the trade.

The pace and level of instruction are matched to that of the group appetite for learning.

Ages: 9-11 Cost: $620

Basic Course
July 2 to July 21, 2017 Overnight Program
During this course, staff and students will live in a primitive camp with no running water or electricity. Tents will help to keep us warm and dry when we are not staying in student-made primitive shelters. We will learn to make fires with bow and drill which will aid us in making eating utensils as well as providing warmth while we listen to stories and work on projects around the fire.

The days are filled with lessons on numerous skills required for wilderness living: collecting and purifying water, identifying wild edible plants, learning camouflage, stalking and hunting techniques, making fire, constructing shelter and much more. But fun is also an important element! Each morning and afternoon we will spend time at the pond or stream, working on the balance beam or just swimming around.

As the program progresses and our skills increase, we will look at the forest by night, listening for coyotes and owls as we move through the moonlit landscape. We may even stalk deer as they graze in the fields under the cover of night. Then, the three weeks of learning culminate in a twenty-four hour solo, marking the beginning of the transition to adulthood.

Ages: 11-15 Cost: $1860

Way of the Knife
July 2 to July 7, 2017 Overnight Program 
Craft your own knife to use at camp and bring home!! Harvest and work wood to fit your hand and form a sheath to carry it on your belt. Often these tools are taken for granted, but with a little skill and knowledge you will gain an appreciation for this ancient tool. Learn your knife’s many uses and capacities in and around base camp, and put these practices to use when we build our bush camp. The program culminates with a night in our newly built camp listening to the sounds of the forest. Come join us for this adventurous week of exploring the woods and streams, fishing with hand-made spears, building fires, and so much more.

Ages: 10-13 Cost: $670

Wild Craft
Will be back for 2018!
This course is a two week advanced skills intensive open to graduates of the Basic course. Making bows, projectile points, arrows, primitive pottery, traps, stone lamps, camp amenities and various shelters are among some of the skills covered in this program. Hide tanning and advanced fire making techniques are included as well. Participants will also spend time sign tracking, stalking and occasionally venturing out at night.
Ages: 14-18 Cost: $1350


Scout (formerly “People of the Shadows”)
July 9 to July 21, 2017 Overnight Program
This two week advanced program is open to graduates of the Basic Course (or a comparable program) who have practiced their skills at home and demonstrated a high level of proficiency. This course will be physically demanding and will require complete commitment to learning the lessons, meeting the challenges, and drawing on one’s inner strength in order to succeed in attaining personal goals. New and old skills will be perfected and put into realistic, survival contexts to help us understand their place in true wilderness living. A strong emphasis is put on skills of invisibility, moving at night, and stalking. Due to the specialized nature of this program it is only run every other season.

Ages 14-18 Cost: $1,350